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    Late Night Lurking


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    Late Night Lurking Empty Late Night Lurking

    Post by Katie on Fri May 17, 2013 9:56 pm

    Marianna strolled along the street, looking for any sign of a back entrance to one of the buildings. She knew it was really late, but she didn't really care. The dead of night was the only time Wall Street was quiet, since all the greedy people that worked here during the day were sleeping. She knew it was risky, but she had been itching to try stealing money from one of these buildings for awhile now, and now that she could move things with her mind, she was definitely feeling more daring.
    A strong current of wind surged down the street, causing her to shiver. She had forgotten her jacket at home, and was only wearing a thin, purple short sleeve shirt. For a moment, she wished she was nearby a coffee shop, or even at home, warm in her bed, but those thoughts quickly washed away when the anticipation of stealing returned to her. Now more eager than ever, she looked down the street, frowning when many of them had lights on inside. She was determined, though... she would keep looking until she found one that was just asking to be robbed.

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    Post by Emily on Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:38 am

    Parker was walking by, and Shade caught a glimpse of a fellow villain, Marianna and Shade couldn't resist. Shade overpowered Parker's mind, eventually taking over after a moment and stood in the shadows. Shade watched silently, his eyes drifting over Marianna's body, thinking about how much he would like to take her home. Parker protested in his mind and Shade brushed him aside.
    Shade stepped out of the shadows and approached the woman, Marianna, and stood behind her just over her shoulder. Shade was still a shadow, planning to turn back as soon as she turned around to make her scream.
    "Boo." He whispered silkily into her ear, smirking as he waited for her to turn around. He stood close to her, so close that when he turned back that they would be touching.

    Then he threw her down and took a dump on her.

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