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    Ethan Chen [Jason's Character]


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    Ethan Chen [Jason's Character] Empty Ethan Chen [Jason's Character]

    Post by Alex on Wed May 22, 2013 9:21 am

    Name:Ethan Chen
    Superhero Name:
    Appearance:Ethan stands at an awkward six feet four inches, especially only at the age of fourteen. He is extremely thin and not very muscular, and honestly, he looks very unimpressive. He is usually a loner because of weird incidents in his past, but when he does talk to people, he look straight in their eyes and never blinks. His hair is usually shaggy and unkempt, not in an emo way, but in a I'm-fourteen-and-girls-still-have-cooties kind of way. He has big, wire-rim circle glasses. Without them, he's pretty much blind.
    Costume:Ethan tends to stand out the way he normally looks, so when he gets into costume, he goes for a more mainstream look to blend in. He usually sticks to skinny jeans, name brand t-shirts, and fancy kicks. Of course, his camouflaging abilities help out if he just can't blend in.
    Personality:Ethan is generally pretty reserved, but that's only because of his surroundings and powers. He's extremely nerdy, which doesn't help with the sticking out problem; this also explains why he's only fourteen, but blends in with older teenagers. He's skipped two grades, and he has adapted partially to the social atmosphere, but sometimes he still falls short of the social norm. Overall, he's a really nice guy who's willing to die for a friend, but he's difficult to befriend.
    Superhero Personality:Essentially, Ethan can be anyone. Which makes him even more awkward. When he takes on his superhero persona, he changes from the socially awkward child to someone who adapts from social atmosphere to social atmosphere easily, and he knows exactly what to say and when to say it always. He takes pride in his ventriloquism abilities, so he's much more confident and devious. He loves to have a good time, and because he can always camouflage away, he's unafraid to have fun.
    Power(s)[3 max]Extreme ventriloquism and camouflaging abilities.
    Weakness:Physically weak as my grandmother. The dead one. He also is allergic to almost everything that moves. It makes camouflaging in the grass terrible because of the bug bites he can't risk getting and rabbits and squirrels and other fun creatures.
    History:Ethan grew up in a first generation Chinese-American home, so his parents both chased the American Dream for him. They wanted him to be smart. They wanted him to be successful. He tried. He really did, and it was all working out pretty well, when one day he came home from school to find them both gone. No blood, no guts, no notes. Just silence. Most of his free time is, therefore, spent hunting them down, but he's mostly given up. He raises himself, forges signatures, and manages. He was bullied as a kid because of his unkempt looks and overachieving smarts, so that explains his personality.
    Other:He likes to sing. Secretly. And he's not bad, too.

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