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    Ariel Lark-Wren [Emilie's Character]


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    Ariel Lark-Wren [Emilie's Character] Empty Ariel Lark-Wren [Emilie's Character]

    Post by Emilie on Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:34 pm

    Name:Ariel Lark-Wren
    Nickname:Muchly prefers "Ari" over Ariel.
    Disguise Name:Gil
    Ari has short naturally black but dyed blue hair. Her hair is a bit longer on the right side and is more cropped on the left. She has thick, black eyebrows matched with thick dark eyelashes. Her eyes are a sharpened blue with flecks of multiple different hues of blues and greys. Ari has an angled face and a strong jaw line. Her general facial expression is a scowl or a look of boredom and may look condescending at times. Her height is about 5'2" and has an average muscular build. Her hands are on the small side however are fairly proportionate to her physic and has finger nails always bitten down to stubs. Her feet are a size 10 and have decent callouses on them from the lack of wearing shoes. Her regular attire consists of a simple black t-shirt dress and, when absolutely required, plain white keds without socks.
    Mutation Appearance:
    Grows gills and fingers and toes become webbed, when in contact with water. Ari will wear a one piece water proof jumpsuit, which doubles as a wetsuit.
    Ari has little social skills when it comes with interacting with people and will often come off as brash and rude, though sometimes she may not even mean to. She generally had no filter and will often speak her mind. Sarcasm is heavily used when she speaks. Her humor may come off as a little dark but not usually offensive. Has her own set of morals and sticks with them, her morals generally differ from society's morals and can sometimes get in trouble because of this.
    Mutant Personality
    When commenced in battle Ari will be completely focused at the task at hand and says no more than she needs to. If said villain comes off as snarky or generally pisses her off, she becomes even more driven to take them down. When in combat she may seem ruthless and even a bit cruel.
    Benefits of Mutation:
    Able to breathe underwater and has the ability to swim quite well. She is able to communicate with most underwater creatures. Whenever she feels threatened she has the ability to spontaneously combust whenever she feels threatened. (After she combusts she is able to regenerate though it requires a lot of energy and will become sickly afterwards)
    Weakness of Mutation:
    Water pollution, if water is polluted with oil or other wastes she will suffocate, fire, electricity, and if she remains without contact with water for a while she will become sickly.
    Discovered her powers at the age of thirteen and has kept them hidden ever since. Has a supportive family who thinks she's just a rebelling teenager. Her father died when she was six from a drowning accident and doesn't remember him much. Her mother remarried when she was nine. She tends to get along better with her step-father than with her mother. Her closest friend is her younger half sister who is seven.
    Has major problems with authority and has been expelled from two schools during her highschool career. Does not deal well with bullies and if she sees someone being harassed she will not hesitate to stand up for them.
    (I'm not sure if I'm posting this right, if it is incorrect just let me know! Thanks!)

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    Ariel Lark-Wren [Emilie's Character] Empty Re: Ariel Lark-Wren [Emilie's Character]

    Post by Emily on Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:22 am

    Great! Accepted (:

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    Ariel Lark-Wren [Emilie's Character] Empty Re: Ariel Lark-Wren [Emilie's Character]

    Post by Alex on Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:32 am

    She can explode. That is awesome.

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