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    Parker Whalen [Emily's Character]


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    Parker Whalen [Emily's Character] Empty Parker Whalen [Emily's Character]

    Post by Emily on Sat May 11, 2013 10:15 pm

    Name: Parker Whalen
    Nickname: Park
    Villain Name: Shade
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Parker stands at the tall height of 6'5" with chocolate brown hair that always manages to fall into his eyes. His eyes are a bright, seemingly unrealistic blue that are accompanied by deep black, long lashes that get stuck in his eyes sometimes. He has more of what you would say is a long face rather than a round one, for his bones are clearly defined. Parker's cheeks are dotted with soft freckles that don't stand out too much but are visible. His cheek bones are prominent, his lips being full and the color of strawberries. Parker has a set of piercings all along his ear. He doesn't wear all of the earrings at once because his ear would probably fall off from the weight, but he usually wears at least a few.
    Parker has a broad, muscular build that's accompanied by pale, fair skin that won't tan for anything. He has a full, strong six pack on his abdomen that he likes to keep in shape. He has a black tattoo on his upper arm for no apparent reason. Parker has long, bony fingers with just about no meat on them. He has long legs that contribute to his tall height. His legs aren't as muscled as his upper body, but they're muscled enough to look muscled.
    Parker is cocky and quite a bit full of himself. Parker basically likes the sound of his own voice. Even if he's clueless as to what he is supposed to be doing or completely, he has to appear on top of things and in control. In result, he can be quite stubborn. Even if the best choice is to just quit, he won't give up because he can't be the man that gave up. If someone were to meet him for merely working purposes, they just might as well go into it hating him because by the end of it they might be about ready to strangle him. Parker, when set in his place, is pretty silent and thoughtful. He likes having the appearance of an attractive, confident and tough man so he does just about everything to keep it. Parker tries to be a good man but Shade haunts him - every time he gets angry or upset Shade emerges and takes over his mind and actions. Granted, Parker likes that Shade has the backbone that he doesn't and does everything he wishes he could do to people, but he hates the repercussions and the guilt he deals with that Shade is free of.
    Villain Personality:
    Shade craves power and control, as well as being easily angered. Shade pleasures in others' demise and pain and wants everyone to feel the way that he did. Shade has no mercy and is manipulative, conniving, and absolutely awful.
    Power(s)[3 max]
    Manipulation of darkness/shadows, animation, and wall crawling
    Light, water
    Parker came from numerous foster homes, none of them being pleasant experiences. When Parker was a child, he remembers watching his birth mother get beaten and he was too young to do a thing. He was taken away from her when he was about five, and he had never seen her since. It was broken to Parker that his mother had been beaten to death by his father right after he had been removed from his home in a terrible way - his foster mother spat it in his face when he was seven. Ever since then, something snapped in him and he was never the same. He mourned over his mother for about a week, and then suddenly it was gone. After that day, Parker had a very happy side to him, but also a very dark side that could be triggered by anything that would make him upset or angry. This darker side of him, who calls himself Shade, despises how Parker felt as he was a child - powerless and helpless and foolish while watching his mother get beaten and blames himself for the death of his mother. In return, Shade craves everything he didn't have to save his mother.
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