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    "GENESIS" - 1x01


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    "GENESIS" - 1x01 Empty "GENESIS" - 1x01

    Post by Alex on Fri May 17, 2013 11:08 pm

    Note: Storylines set at different times that are commented on at the same time with be posted here in chronological order.

    On a cold, windy day in November, Jake Stacy makes his way up to the roof. The young boy, who has attempted suicide before by cutting, has decided to end his life on this fateful day. However, as destiny would have it, as the boy threw himself off the roof, he did not fall. His mutant powers manifested and he floated. This led to him skipping the rest of the school day and leaving.

    Because Jack Stacy had all of his teachers around his little finger, he was able to leave school early. He met up with a friend, Parker Whalen, in Central Park after school. However, upon Jack's arrival, Parker was taken over by his evil alter ego, Shade. As Shade looked around for what chaos he could bring, Jack suggested they go to a party under a bridge, several hours after the concert. As the two went on, they met two twin girls, Mandy and Mindy. Jack went to work straight away, taking Mindy to himself. As Shade convinced Mandy to come with him, he created more cracks in the bridge, causing a collapse. Jack left at the first sign of trouble, but felt the darkness open up inside him. Because if the collapse, there were many injuries and 11 deaths. 9 from crush injuries, two from drowning in the river.

    Jake found himself on the steps in Father Duffy Square, and Ruby Gallagher met up with him, fresh off of her job from the diner. Little did he know that she was the super powered Red, able to control fire, had super speed, and also had night vision. The two bonded quickly, and suddenly, Aurora Manning, a lucky survivor of a car accident some time prior to the beginning of the story, happened upon them. Someone was definitely playing games with them, because Aurora was also a powered human. Her force fields had saved her life and she also had the abilities of invisibility and electricity. The three became quick friends after a trip to Starbucks, where Jake almost revealed his power. When the three were finished, they decided to take a cab back home. Jake & Aurora were left by Ruby, who heard the sirens and knew Red had to go to action.

    Officer Noah Stacy, Jack & Jake's father, was the head police officer on the scene. He bellowed at his men to help survivors out of rubble, but Shade wouldn't leave them alone. Red confronted Shade at the park, and was discriminated upon by Officer Stacy for being powered. She still defeated Shade, who retreated and left, and rescued many people. Officer Stacy helped, but would not admit to himself that she was a hero. As he drove home, he picked up food for his son Jack, whom he ignored as he went to bed. Jack, however, had left Mindy at her home and was worried about what he had done that day.

    Jake & Aurora took the taxi ride home and told each other a lot about themselves, but their time was interrupted by Aurora's home being reached. Jake stopped the cab driver half a block from his house, and went into an alley, alone. Jake floated up, ten feet into the air, and realized that he was starting to get over his depression, thanks to his new friends.

    Shade got up from sleeping with Mandy to take a shower. Something must have clicked, because Parker left the shower, confused. As he walked back out to Mandy, she shrieked, wondering who he was. He told her that he was Shade's roommate, and she knew she felt love for Parker's evil personality.


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